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Male Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Male Breast Reduction.jpgIf you’re planning to have male breast reduction surgery, you may be wondering about recovery.  Questions about recovery are discussed during your surgical consultation and instructions are sent home following the procedure.  Your instructions will include proper care of the surgical site and drains, medications and what to look for at the surgical site. You may be sent home with a small tube under your skin to allow for drainage. You’ll be told when to follow up with your surgeon.  Stitches are usually removed one to two weeks following surgery.

Recovery of breast reduction surgery depends on several factors, including the extent of your surgery.  Discomfort can be managed with medications.  You most likely will need to wear an elastic pressure garment after your surgery to help reduce any swelling and it may take several months for the results of the surgery to be apparent.  Your surgeon will advise you on when you can return to work or physical activity.

For more information on male breast reduction surgery or recovery, please contact Dr. Andrew Goldberg in Fairfax at 703-264-0904 or virginiaplasticsurgery.com to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

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