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Weight Loss after Plastic Surgery

Weight Loss after Plastic Surgery.jpgIf you’re considering plastic surgery in Fairfax, such as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, but are still losing weight, you may want to hold off.  That’s the advice of most plastic surgeons.

The objective of these procedures is to obtain the best overall appearance for you.  To do so, we recommend that you don’t have the procedure until you are done losing weight.  If you’ve been losing weight, with the ultimate goal of one of these procedures, it is best to get down to your goal weight before having plastic surgery. 

Weight loss after plastic surgery can loosen the skin and undue the great results obtained through your procedure.  Although a few pounds may not make a difference, a sizeable weight loss can lead to undesirable results.  For the best outcome, complete your weight loss program before surgery. For more information, please contact Dr. Andrew Goldberg in Fairfax at 703-264-0904 or virginiaplasticsurgery.com.

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