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Breast Enhancement – Post Weight Loss


After major weight loss, many women and men turn to breast augmentation or breast lift in Virginia to complement their new, slimmer figures. And since the breasts are often permanently changed after weight loss, many patients make breast enhancement surgery a priority. Whether patients are looking for fuller breasts, perkier breasts or smaller breasts, Dr. Andrew Goldberg offers a variety of procedures to suit the specific needs of post-weight-loss patients.

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Staging Breast Surgery with Other Surgeries

"Staging" procedures over multiple surgical sessions is a way to optimize the potential results of breast surgery. For some post-weight loss patients needing both breast implants and a breast lift to improve their appearance, surgery can be more challenging because of significant volume loss coupled with poor tissue quality. Implant position will change as the implants settle so a lifted breast may not look the same several months following surgery. For these patients, it is beneficial to perform either the breast lift or sometimes the breast augmentation first, and then perform the second procedure after the breast has stabilized.

Since many women considering comprehensive breast enhancement are already undergoing staged procedures for rejuvenation of the rest of their body, separating the breast procedures often makes good sense. Not all patients need this type of staging, but Dr. Andrew Goldberg will use his experience and professional skills to determine if you could benefit from a staged approach.

Use of Dermal Grafts

After massive weight loss, it is not uncommon for a woman to have insufficient breast tissue to support breast enhancement surgery. For women with poor tissue quality, acellular dermal grafts such as Strattice™ Tissue Matrix can be used to reinforce the surgical area and create a very natural appearance. These dermal grafts use specially prepared tissue that integrates with the patient's own natural tissue following surgery. The grafts are placed below the skin and cannot be felt or seen.

Dermal grafts can act as an "internal bra" creating the support a post-weight loss patient needs as part of a breast enlargement and/or lift procedure. Dr. Goldberg has experience using dermal grafts to achieve a durable and attractive breast surgery outcome. He will discuss this option if it can help you during your consultation.

Post-Weight Loss Surgical Options

Breast Augmentation

Since the breasts are made up largely of fat, loosing even a little weight can result in smaller breasts that appear deflated. Many patients who have lost a lot of weight are disappointed to see the feminine contour and fullness of their breasts disappear. For those with concerns about the smaller size of their breasts, a breast augmentation procedure can create an attractive appearance.

Breast Lift

Often after major weight loss, excess and sagging skin is left on the breasts, making them appear older and less attractive. A breast lift, or mastopexy, in Virginia can help restore the breasts to a perkier and more youthful place on the chest for these patients. By removing excess skin and lifting the breast tissue and nipples, Dr. Goldberg helps women feel more confident after achieving their weight loss goals.

Breast Augmentation & Lift

Decreased breast volume and excess skin lead many of our post-weight loss patients to choose a breast lift with a breast augmentation. Together, the procedures help to make women's breasts perkier and fuller, giving them a younger and more feminine look.

Male Breast Reduction

Men who have lost a lot of weight may be left with feminine-looking breasts or may develop a significant amount of sagging skin on their chests. A male breast reduction procedure helps these men feel more masculine and allows them to revise the appearance of their upper body.

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