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Vaser® Lipo


Liposuction is an extremely popular and effective way to eliminate areas of unwanted fat. At Virginia Plastic Surgery we are proud to offer patients the VASER® Lipo option.

VASER Lipo in Virginia is a safe and effective advancement in liposuction that uses ultrasound technology to target excess fat and give your trouble spots a smoother contour. The specially designed VASERsmooth™ component can reduce the appearance of cellulite as well. Body contouring specialist Dr. Andrew Goldberg is one of the first practitioners in the state to offer VASER Lipo with the VASERsmooth component and to adopt VASER 2.0 – the most recent version of the system.

To learn more about liposuction in Fairfax County, VA, request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Goldberg. Or call (703) 264-0904 to schedule an appointment.

Your VASER Lipo Procedure

VASER Lipo is a body-contouring system designed to remove groups of fat cells congregated in specific areas of your body. VASER Lipo can be performed under general anesthesia or, for patients who wish to reduce cost and ease scheduling conflicts, local anesthesia in our office.

Dr. Goldberg will insert a small probe attached to the patented VASER Lipo device through small incisions in your skin. The high-frequency ultrasound energy applied by the VASER Lipo system safely liquefies these fat cells without damaging or disrupting surrounding tissue, nerves and blood vessels. The liquefied fat is then removed using a suction method similar to traditional liposuction.

VASER Lipo is an effective remedy for gynecomastia (male breast fullness). Male breast reduction using VASER often eliminates the need for large incisions to remove fibrous tissue.

VASERsmooth for Cellulite

VASERsmooth is a component of the VASER Lipo system that specifically goes after the fat cells and fibrous bands of tissue that create cellulite in areas such as the thighs, flanks, buttocks, and arms. While ultrasound energy liquefies the fat, the VASERsmooth attachment cuts through the bands of fibrous connective tissue that pull down, creating dimples in the skin and pushing fat cells farther toward the surface. Once the ultrasonic waves have done their work, Dr. Goldberg can suction out the liquefied fat gently and easily, leaving behind smoother skin and a more sculpted contour.

VASER Lipo Recovery and Results

Because VASER Lipo liquefies the targeted fat without damaging surrounding tissues, it causes less discomfort, swelling and bruising than other liposuction and cellulite treatments. This, in turn, shortens your recuperation time.

Your specific recovery time will depend on the amount of fat that was removed and the number of areas of your body that were treated. You may need to wear a compression garment for a short time following the procedure in order to help support the areas where VASER Lipo was performed and to help ensure a smooth, evenly contoured surface.